Innoken helps retailers to gain a 360-degree view of consumers and serve them across the purchase process. Henceforth providing scope to improve operational efficiencies, engaging stores and supply chain partners.

Advanced Education


Our product enables teachers, parents and students to receive information on the move. Our one click approach helps the management to take quick decision making operations efficient by providing real-time reporting.

Innoken School Management Software



We provide an end to end digital signage solution comprising hardware, software, installation and maintenance. Our cloud based platform can deliver your media across digital, WiFi, video and audio medium.



A product synonym to Property Management is ideal for hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges and suites to run operations on a daily basis along with apex quality of individual guest services with our versatile features.

Innoken Hotel Management

Next Generation

Online Watching

Our product enables audience engagement through targeted content delivery, to manage media assets and rights. Our areas of focus includes production, home entertainment, theatrical and digital distribution.



Our robust digital and technological solutions help Transportation and Logistics work cut out in a simplified manner which touches every aspect of the transportation & logistics business delivering high value for its clients.

Innoken Hospital Management



Our solution helps you monitor multi locations, track, automatically reorder, print and scan barcodes, convert units of measurement, use multi-currency features, create multilevel work orders, and much more.

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